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Baharak Khaleghi is a multimedia artist and feminist, originating from Iran who pursued her MFA in San Jose State University and now lives in Berkeley. Baharak uses her work as a means to promote dialogue about women’s issues, her work begins with reflection on her own experiences as well as the challenges faced by other women. She is open-minded about working in different mediums, choosing a piece’s materials based on what is most appropriate for each individual topic. Her work often includes performance, which she feels is more alive than any other medium. Integrating performance into her work allows Khaleghi to connect with her audience and make them uncomfortable, an example which enhances her pieces’ ideas and message. 

Behnaz Khaleghi is a multi media artist and filmmaker originating from Iran, she currently lives in Berkeley, where she pursued her MFA in University of California Berkeley. In her practice, deploying an array of mediums, she seeks alternative ways of making feminist art in a Middle Eastern context, usually paying attention to the potentials of humor and pleasure as a substitute for the usual dark and gloomy approach. Behnaz’s work has been acclaimed and chosen among Bay area emerging artist as part of the Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards program and has been exhibited in spaces such as De Young Museum and Berkeley Art Museum.