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It has been a journey into myself to capture these self-portraits and share them with the world. Capturing myself through the lens of my female gaze, brought me to the point of seeking the answers I have always wanted but was afraid to ask. What is it like to live in a female body or to be a woman? How does it feel to have a vagina? What is a vagina? How many people in my life have seen my vagina? In my self-portraits, I see my vagina as a black hole. A hole that gives me the most pleasure, pain, life, creation, love, and pure connection to myself and others. The most amazing moment is when I’m taking the photos; I enter a special space with the camera, light and my body, a very safe and pure one where I feel an immediate and direct relationship to my body and its presence, I don’t just see my body through the lens, but experience being my body, all over again. The mirror is a portal that invites me to all of my thoughts, weaknesses, strengths, and vulnerabilities. Exploring and celebrating my female body despite all the taboos surrounding it is my way of commuting with the world. Each of us owns a unique body in this world that nobody else has. These self-portraits could be you.

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