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I wasn’t sure what to write
honestly I hate doing it!
the words are oppressive
do we really need statements?

I thought of the excess, the fog, the dream world
I thought of Costco
the very first days of the exile
I learn the words
lethargy, torpor, apathy
on my verbal advantage

But I still can’t write
then the other night
I watched this movie;
Andre asks
“Don’t you see that comfort can be dangerous?”
he tells the story
of Lady Hatfield
the rich woman who starved
eating only chickens
“See, I honestly believe
that we're all like Lady Hatfield now.
we’re having a lovely, comfortable time
with our electric blankets and our chicken
and meanwhile, we're starving because
we're so cut off from contact with reality
that we're not getting any real sustenance”

It’s still bullshit, I know!
but I really tried
to cut the crap!

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